Writing student papers: Tips for students

It does not always have to be the bachelor’s or master’s thesis, but in the course of a university degree students create numerous texts. In addition to transfer tasks, student papers are the most frequently used type of text. Gradually, students gain experience and know how to shape their processes and ways of working. Nevertheless, students face many questions related to student research. With the appropriate tips and strategies, you can write student papers that will help you to convince your lecturers …

Write a thesis: Timely preparation decides

For bachelor and master theses, the choice of topics is often an important and very extensive part of the preparation. This is usually different when it comes to student work, and even lecturers or professors often present possible topics. Alternatives that fit the content of the lecture are also usually possible.

However, the principle is that you as a student should definitely choose a topic that really interests you. This is the only way to maintain motivation over the entire processing period. If you want to continue thinking in the direction of a bachelor’s and master’s thesis – and this is possible in the relevant subject – you can also choose a topic that already serves as an exercise and preparation for your thesis.

However, the fact that the choice of topic in the preparation of study projects takes little time does not mean that the preparation is short or can be done alongside. With the choice of the topic, the actual work begins. Students should then …

… start with the literature search – not literature work (!).

… create a rough outline of the student work.

… agree with the responsible supervisor or lecturer.

… clarify formal framework conditions and specifications.

Despite a simplified choice of topics, students have more than enough to do with the preparation of their student work. A component of the preparation is optional, but in some cases useful: the creation of an exposé.

Exposé for student projects: Meaningful effort?

An exposé is, I would say in advance, not meaningful for any student work. For the effort in the creation is simply too high. Because a proper exposé includes:

  • The concept of your work
  • The (provisional) structure
  • The selection of the most important literature
  • The rough schedule

For many studies, an exposé would therefore be too much effort at first glance. Nevertheless, we recommend that you create an Exposé for selected student projects. Even if your supervisor or lecturer does not ask you to.

This is especially useful for student projects that serve thematically and organisationally as preparation for your thesis. For your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis you should definitely plan an Exposé, as it significantly facilitates the work on a complex writing and research project. Since it makes sense only if you already collect the first experience in creating a synopsis in the relatively protected framework of the student work.